Elizabeth L. Cline on CBC News Marketplace
Fast Fashion In The News Interviews Textile Waste

Canada’s Marketplace Investigates Fast Fashion’s Waste Problem

Fast fashion chains like H&M are offering in-store recycling these days. It sounds like a win-win for consumers and sustainability. But as author and textile waste activist Elizabeth Cline explains to Canada’s CBC News MarketplaceĀ , in its latest investigation, the campaigns are often more than a little misleading. The average person would be surprised to …

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Elizabeth Cline
Fashion Industry In The News Interviews Sustainability

Are Major Fashion Brands Finally Going Green? Elizabeth Speaks on China Global Television Network [CGTN]

In time for China Fashion Week, Elizabeth spoke live onĀ China Global Television Network‘s Global Business program about major brands going green. How do consumers really know which companies have strong environmental credentials? And who is greenwashing? Watch the full clip here. Elizabeth says: How do you know which brands are really being green versus greenwashing: …

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