August 3, 2018

A blueprint for change. As fashion activists, we demand:


A fair and living wage for all fashion workers, from farm and field to factory to store. A living wage is a wage high enough to cover housing, clothes, food, healthcare, schooling, and savings, and will adjust to stay above inflation. A living wage is a human right, as established by the United Nationals Declaration of Human Rights, Article 23.


A fashion industry where no one consumer takes more than his or her fair share. We will consume fashion fairly and responsibly and not use low price to abuse our power as consumers and to shop unsustainably.


Gender equality for all fashion workers. As most garment and retail workers are women, there will be equal payment, training, and promotions for all women. Companies will support women-friendly workplaces and equal pay.


Fashion will lead the climate change revolution, becoming carbon neutral by 2030, per the guidelines set forth by the Paris Climate Accord. To achieve this, consumers will reduce consumption and the industry will work stridently toward renewable energy and renewable resources.


A safe, non-toxic fashion industry. Fashion should not imperil workers, consumers or the environment by exposing them to dangerous chemicals. Brands must remove dangerous chemicals from their supply chains.


A humane fashion industry. Wherever fashion uses animals, those animals should be treated in a humane and dignified manner.