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Is British Fast Fashion Too Fast? Elizabeth Weighs In [Via RACKED]

ASOS stocks 85,000 styles on its site. Boohoo turns around collections in two weeks flat. And competitors are freaking out. investigates the British fast fashion phenomenon and Elizabeth weighs in, telling the online publication:

“Of course it makes sense these brands are coming to the US,” says Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. “We aren’t just a consumer-driven country, we are also low-end shoppers. High fashion has never become mainstream here.”

Cline says US shoppers buy an average of 60 pieces of clothing every year; as a nation, we’re buying five times as much clothing as we did in the ’80s. The advent of fast fashion is certainly a key factor in this shift. “Countries find ways to entertain themselves, and fast fashion has become a form of entertainment,” says Cline. “It has a lot of cultural power in the UK, and it is only just starting here.”

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