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Italian Edition of Overdressed Hits Shelves Apr. 17, Exposing the Toll of Cheap Fashion

The Italian translation of Overdressed is hitting shelves on April 17, 2018, complete with a freshly updated intro for Italian readers! The landmark fast fashion exposé by journalist Elizabeth L. Cline comes with a compelling new cover and title as well. “Siete pazzi a indossarlo!” translates as “You are crazy to wear it! Because cheap fashion poisons us and the planet.” This is a clever reference to another Italian bestseller, called, “You are crazy to eat it!”

In the updated preface, Elizabeth writes: “In Italy, the movement for change is strong. The National Chamber of Italian Fashion (Camera della Moda) has set ambitious sustainability goals, focusing on reducing and eliminating toxic chemicals in its clothing industry. The country’s most famous companies, including Versace, Gucci, Armani, Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Valentino, are all involved in this push towards sustainability. And that’s not all. Twenty companies from Italy’s storied Prato textile-making district have committed to removing toxins from their supply chains. And last but not least, Italy’s growing coterie of small, ethical brands, such as Wrad, Quid, and Cangiari, to name just a few, are showing big brands how conscious fashion is done.

Italy will no doubt play a defining role in fashion’s new, more responsible paradigm. Textiles and clothing are an indispensable part of the Italian economy, responsible for a staggering half of its total trade surplus. Italy remains singular in how fashion defines its national identity and shapes the way the world views Italy as well. Italy captures and exudes the essential spirit of fashion. It’s people, I think, have the power, prowess and the good taste to take fashion into its rightful future.”

The publisher Piemme describes the book this way:

When we buy a shirt or trousers for a few tens of euros in the shops of well-known clothing brands at low cost, we must know that the price displayed is never the right price. Starting from her wardrobe, crammed with little or never used clothes, or worn after two washes, the journalist Elizabeth L. Cline conducts a world survey – from China to Bangladesh to Italy – on the low-cost clothing industry and on dangers and the consequences that the accumulation of “fast fashion” has on our health, the economy and the environment. And, last but not least, on our soul, since the run-up to the purchase produces compulsiveness, dissatisfaction, stress and loss of personality.

You can order Overdressed (Siete pazzi a indossarlo!) in Italian here:

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