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What Really Happens When You Donate Your Clothes—And Why It’s Bad

Taylor Bryant from Nylon writes in her recent article on clothing waste, “What actually happens to your donated clothes is a very involved process with a lot of complicated layers, each worth taking the time to understand. Let’s start here: Contrary to popular (naive) belief, less than 20 percent of clothing donations sent to charities are actually resold at those charities.”

I spoke with Taylor about charities, thrift shops and all the places where we bring our used and unwanted clothing, unknowingly contributing to massive disruptions in culture and environment worldwide:

“Americans buy far, far more clothing than any other people on the planet and, as a result, we have more unwanted clothing than anywhere else on Earth. I don’t think people need to be focusing on the good or bad ways to donate. The bigger issue is keeping unwanted clothes out of landfills and, in an ideal world, people thinking about the issue of textile waste as they’re shopping.”

Read the full article here on Nylon that also includes our colleague Kestrel Jenkins, Founder and Producer of the Conscious Chatter podcast. You can listen to my Conscious Chatter interview on fashion waste here.

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