Elizabeth Cline in Christian Dior sunglasses
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Secondhand Score: Original Christian Dior Visor Shades

I recently traveled to Germany on vacation, and shopping at the world-class resale and vintage shops in Berlin and Munich was topping my list of attractions to see. I am constantly on the hunt for my newest secondhand score, an obsession I developed after writing Overdressed and through running my designer resale eBay store.

While in Germany, I spent a few hours each day scouring the offerings in both cities, snapping up a secondhand Rebecca Taylor cold-shoulder dress early in my trip. But it wasn’t until my second to last day in Munich that I walked into a tiny vintage shop and found these shades. The shop owner was wearing vintage golfing jodhpurs, so I knew we’d get along just fine. The crazy thing is we can’t remember the name of the shop and can’t find the name on a map. It’s as if we walked into a secret portal just to find these sunglasses.

It was my partner, Joe, who found the sunglasses stand in the back of the shop. I’d completely overlooked it. I saw the Dior’s and at first thought they were too over-the-top. But Joe encouraged me to try them on and, well, then I had to have them. It wasn’t until later that we put together the incredible story behind these shades. They are very rare Christian Dior 2434 1980s Austrian-made visor frames that spawned the entire visor frames trend of the 1980s. They have been worn by both Rihanna and James Brown. They are without a doubt the most detailed and impeccably made sunglasses I’ve ever owned, right down to the delicate brand etching on the arms.

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